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NY Bat Control is the area leader in professional bat removal and bat exclusion. Proudly serving in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess and Orange Counties. If you are experiencing a bat problem, we will perform a complete home inspection, and design a program that will remove your bat infestation quickly, and worry free. Once the bats have been removed from your home, we will seal all gaps and completely "bat-proof" the structure.



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We guarantee we will get all the bats out, and keep them out. Our trained professionals will take the time to do the job right so that you won't have bats returning. All bat exclusion services performed by us are backed by an industry leading 10 year written transferable warranty.




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On Call 24/7 - 914.420.4300

"Thanks guys! Removing the bat from the jukebox proved to my husband that I was not crazy. You went above and beyond the call on this one, thanks again for the extra effort."

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